Omnipoint Data Usage Calculator

Data Usage Calculator

The data usage calculator helps in managing your internet data usage by calculating the data usage based on your usage patterns. The calculator covers various ways in which you spend your time over the internet and estimate the data used for it. Read onto understanding the different ways in which data is used and how much, or go on and plug in some numbers in the calculator. From this calculator, you’ll get to know how to calculate mobile data usage.

How to calculate data usage?

In order to calculate your monthly data usage:

  1. Enter the number of hours spent daily on the following activities:
    • Streaming movies, music, multiplayer gaming, social media networks, video calls, and web browsing.
  2. For every activity, the calculator will return the data usage.
  3. Scroll down to find your daily and monthly data usage.
  4. Enter the cost incurred per GB of data.
  5. The data usage calculator will now display the monthly expense for your data.

Example of using the data usage calculator

Estimate the monthly data usage if the user spends 2 hours per day streaming movies in HD and makes an hour of video calls in HD per day. The cost of data per GB is $0.50.

To find the data usage and its cost:

  1. Enter the no. of hours in front of the Movie streaming in HDH_\mathrm{m} option as 2.
  2. Fill in the no. of hours in front of the HD video calls, (H_\mathrm{v}) option as 1.
  3. You can now observe the daily data usage per activity. Scroll down to check the monthly data usage for these activities.
  4. Enter the cost of data per GB as $0.50.
  5. Data usage calculator will now return the cost incurred per month.


How much data does streaming a movie takes?

A 2-hour-long movie consumes about 16 GB in 4K, 4 GB in HD, and 1 GB in SD resolutions, respectively.


How to calculate monthly data usage?

To calculate monthly data usage:

  1. Calculate the data consumption for every activity.
  2. Add the numbers to find the sum.
  3. Multiply the sum with the number of days in a month.


How much data per hour does multiplayer gaming takes?

Multiplayer gaming platforms require high-speed connections and consume about 200 MB per hour on average.